About Us

At Gracious Virtual Assistants (GVA), we help small business owners build great companies. Our programs and methods are designed to give the owners all the personal and financial freedom that a successful business can bring them.

Business Consulting Services


Your business is supposed to give you more of what you want. More money. More time. More freedom. More control. That’s why you started it.

But the opposite is almost always true. Most business owners don’t have enough time. They aren’t making enough money. They can’t find & keep good employees. They can’t count on anyone except themselves to get the job done right -- and they can't figure out why!


Our Business Consulting Services provide the strategy and business knowledge to address these questions as well as the hands-on assignments to resolve them delivered in a structured format by a certified business consultant. 

Romans 13:6-7

For because of this you also pay taxes, for the authorities are ministers                                              

of God, attending to this very thing. Pay to all what is owed to them:

taxes to whom taxes are owed, revenue to whom revenue is owed,                                              Proud member of:

respect to whom respect is owed, honor to whom honor is owed.                                                         



Every business owner knows that for a business to succeed and work well, workflow must be consistent, well documented and quantified.

Using this principle, Gracious Virtual Assistants (GVA) can transform a disordered and demanding small to mid-sized businesses into a manageable, well-run, successful enterprise that provide for and serve both the owner and the employees.

With our revolutionary system you now have all the knowledge and skills to accomplish this within your own organization.


How Did We Get Here?


Most business owners are very good at the work of their business – what it produces in products and service to its customers. They start their companies using their skills and talent for this work only to find that often they are missing big pieces of knowledge like marketing, management, finances, or sales – the knowledge of how to build the business itself.

So how does one get this knowledge? How do you actually build a business that works?


How can you put in place all the methods and systems that give your company;


· all the customers it needs,

· great cash flow and profits,

· smooth production and operations, and

· methods that allow your business to "run itself".


Studies show that 96% of businesses eventually fail. Only 4% of business owners ever reach their dream.

The main reason is because most business owners start a new business after having worked in a similar industry and, feeling like they know everything they need to know, they go it alone.

The problem is, while they know how to do the tactical part of the business, they don’t know how to run a “business” that does that tactical work. In other words, if they start a contracting business, for example, they might know how to build homes but they have no idea how to build a business that builds homes.


Business Development Services


What would it be like if you could take a vacation from your business at any time, for however long, know that when you return things would be running smoothly and profitably, almost as if you had never left?

This is what we call “Business Freedom” and we characterize it in 3 different ways:

· Doing what you really love to do in your business without having to do what you don’t like to do, and knowing that those tasks are being done well and consistently by others.

· Calling in for the numbers or

· Maximizing the value of the business so you can sell it for what you believe it is worth or some combination of these.

Whichever is your kind of business freedom, our Business Development and Business Management Services will help you achieve this highest level of business control. You will create an organized set of systems, essentially documented training methods, which will deliver consistent and meaningful results.

All this will be achieved through the use of the TouchStone Business Management system and our proprietary tools and templates.

TouchStone Systems Development Programs

The TouchStone Systems Development Programs focus on the design, documentation and implementation of all the operating procedures in your business; mapping out and systemizing your entire business and all its parts.

Using the TouchStone Business System, owners and managers create documented procedures for doing any type of work in one fully interactive system. Every employee now has a complete job description. Click on a specific position on your company's interactive organizational chart and up comes that position's job description with all its tasks. Click on any task and you are linked directly with the procedure that fully describes how to get that task done right. Each employee now knows exactly what to do and how to get a good result in all their work, all the time.



Business Development Programs with a Specific Focus


If you have a specific need; a marketing strategy, a sales system, management tools, cash flow planning and budgeting, leadership training… we’ve got a program specifically designed to focus on that need.

Each of the FOCUS Programs combines consulting meetings and the TouchStone On-Line Systems Development Tool to focus on a specific and critical need of your business. The time frame for the delivery of the program is determined by you. 


There are many different FOCUS programs available:


· Management - Project Management

· Organizational Development - Recruiting & Hiring

· Sales Systems Development - Customer Relationship Management

· Financial Systems Development - Bookkeeping & Accounting, Payroll Management

· Strategic Planning - Business & Marketing Plans, Sales Proposals, Company Profile

We will also build personalized custom programs for you and/or your managers. We’ll meet with you, discuss your specific needs and draw from our extensive resources to create a program uniquely designed for your company.